Mission and Objectives


To provide funding to innovative and highly competitive life science and healthcare companies to promote their growth and also to benefit the life science/healthcare industry in Japan.

To provide financial and strategic investment opportunities and maximized investment returns within the life science and healthcare areas.


To promote the growth and investment return of life science and healthcare venture companies by utilizing the platform of domestic academic institutions and collaboration with domestic/international companies.

To assist top-quality research conducted by universities, academic institutions, and medical institutions into business opportunities.

To channel corporate needs with research conducted by universities and academic circles to establish new ventures.

To infuse capital market practices to healthcare-related practices to augment new business opportunities.

To maximize the financial return and strategic opportunities to investors by providing qualified full investment process from sourcing, due diligence, operation of portfolio companies, to exit.

To establish a strong “seeding infrastructure” from universities, academic and medical institutions by linking Industry-Academic-Government organizations.